What is the programme about‭?‬

The children’s books of the Ghazali project bring the teachings from the Ihya Ulum iddin of Imam al Ghazali to life for children, families and adults, promoting a deep connection to the core principles of Islam. There is a strong focus on reflection, spiritual understanding and self-correction.

A spiritual and character development course for your family

The Ghazali Children’s Programme covers four main age ranges: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13 and 14-16.  Parent classes are an integral part of this course and run parallel to the children’s classes for each lesson.  Follow this course as a family – our tried and tested method to support long lasting positive change in character and relationships.

Programme Breakdown


There are currently six books in the Ghazali Children’s book series.  We plan to teach all the books in the series in order.  The Book of Knowledge is the first course of the programme and will run for approximately 10 months, after which ‘The Book of Belief’ course will become available.

Class Structure Overview

  • Weekly age appropriate pre-recorded class, with a separate relevant Qur’anic video reflection.
  • Weekly pre recorded parents/ educators class, related to the same chapter as the children’s lesson.
  • Live online lessons twice a month for each age group.

Alongside the actual class, children and parents will be provided with a ‘virtue of the week’ to work on together as family each week, as well as an activities and relevant resources.

The fortnightly live online discussion sessions are full of reminders, inspirational stories, and discussions. 

Who is the programme for‭?‬

Children and Youth – age guide for different course groups :
Tus – age 5 -7
Baghdad – age 8 -10
Damascus – age 11-13
Jerusalem – age 14 -16

These age ranges have been suggested as an approximate guide.  We would recommend you view the free taster lessons to help choose the appropriate class group for your child. The Jerusalem (age 14-16) group may also be suitable for older teens.

This is course is suitable for all, regardless of affiliation and background, providing a spiritual focus and a detailed understanding of the core aspects of Islam.

Parent classes are included as an integral part of this course and run parallel to the children’s classes for each lesson.  A single enrolment will gain access to 10 lessons in total per month (4 child lessons, 4 parent lessons and 2 live lessons per month). Please click here full details regarding parent/educator classes.

Home school groups/ Schools/ Teacher training
Our Parent/ Educator classes led by expert teachers are a core component of our programme.  Each lesson is directly referenced to a chapter from the children’s book, and taught at an adult level.  These are also available as a separate course for use  independently for teacher training, aid lesson planning for Ghazali project lessons, as well as by adults in general for learning and self development. Please click here full details regarding parent/ educator classes.

Home school groups and schools can purchase a group license for their students, and also use the children’s lessons to facilitate face to face teaching

MONTHLY OVERVIEW - 10 classes per month

Children's Classes
Parent Classes
Live Discussion Sessions