This is a Mother's Ramadan with a difference!

A Mother’s Ramadan. Following the great session with Ustadah Umm Hatim last Ramadan we are again offering an opportunity to learn from this inspiring interactive session . This Thursday 21st March online at 1.30pm Inshalah .

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Detailed Schedule

Week 1

Lesson 1

  • Introducing the course and discussing the 4 forms by which Imam Ramli uses the term ‘educating’ in regards to children.
  • Beginning to look at the deeper meanings of Surah Naas.

Lesson 2

  • Covering Surah Naas and Surah Falaq.
  • Looking at the Hadith of Um Salama.
  • Starting the Hadith of Jihad.

Week 2

Lesson 3
  • Finishing the Hadith about Jihad and motherhood.
  • Starting to discuss Surah Ihklaas and the oneness of Allah
  • Discussing the differences between the attributes ‘Rahman and Raheem’.
Lesson 4
  • Discussing Surah Lahab and the first martyr in Islam; a woman.

Week 3

Lesson 5
  • Discussing Surah Nasr and what brings the Messenger of Allah peace.
  • Revisiting what Imam Ramli tells us about ‘education’ in the early years.
  • Tips about preparing for Ramadan
Lesson 6
  • Discussing Surah Kaafirun and Surah Fatiha.

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