Free 4 Week Course

Online lessons from the Al Ghazali Books of Purity, Fasting and Charity for children.

Wide Age Range

Age differentiated groups for ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-13 and 4-16

Parent Classes

Linked Quranic reflections and Parents class each week

Programme Overview

Take your family on a spiritual journey: guided reflections, stories, activities and weekly targets for self development.  Children and parents will also be provided with a ‘virtue of the week’ to work on together as family each week, as well as activities and relevant resources.

Class Structure Overview

  • Weekly age appropriate pre-recorded class, with a separate relevant Qur’anic video reflection.
  • Weekly pre recorded parents class, related to the same topic as the children’s lesson
  • The children and parent classes are released once a week, with the first class to be released on the 1st of Ramadan

Children and Youth – age guide for different course groups :
– 5 -7
– 8 -10
– 11-13
– 14 -16

Lesson Release Schedule
Pre-recorded lessons are released once a week.  The lesson release dates are below:
Week one: 14th April
Week two: 21st April
Week three: 28th April
Week four: and 5th May

You will get access to all age ranges with a single sign-up