Important Information

Special Discount for the “Book of Knowledge” book.

The ebook and hard copies of the textbook for the Book of Knowledge can be purchased from FONS VITAE with the following 15% discount code. This code is only valid for direct purchases from Fons Vitae. Other international booksellers are listed here.


For Ghazali Children books & ebooks:

All Radiant Hearts students & parents: 15% DISCOUNT


Free workbook download

All Radiant Hearts Members can now download the Book of Knowledge workbook for free as part of the Ghazali Children’s Programme.

Weekly Classes

Both Children’s and Parent/Adult/Educator lesson will be available weekly.  All classes are based on drip-feed system, whereby you will be given access to the following lesson a week after completing the current available lesson.  The date of release will depend on the enrolment date, for example if you enrolled on a Wednesday you will be given access to subsequent lessons every Wednesday thereafter. 

Live Classes

Please refer to the following page