The Boy Who Lived

Exploring the attributes of kindness and meanness, and their effect upon the spiritual heart, through Quran and Seerah stories, reflections and interactive discussion.

This is the first of 20 live sessions linked to the Radiant Hearts programme. Each session provides focus on a virtue, with learning that can be practised as a family for spiritual growth.

Join us Live on Saturday 2nd October to further explore the attributes and effect of kindness and meanness upon the spiritual heart.

Saturday 2nd October 2021 3PM BST

11AM New York : 6PM Dubai : 10PM KL

Age differentiated sessions (BST)

3 till 3.30pm ages 5 to 10
3.30 till 4pm ages 11 to 16

This session has now passed but the recording is available to view:

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Live Session Overview

A group of children gather in a secret garden to discuss their questions and concerns with a radiant, well-respected, elderly man named Hajj Abdullah. Hajj Abdullah is happy to help them, but first he asks them to ponder upon two questions he has for them. Do they know that there are 2 types of learning…and that human beings have 2 types of heart?

Join us Live on Saturday 3rd of July to further explore the spiritual and physical hearts

Saturday 3rd July 4PM BST

12PM New York : 7PM Dubai : 11PM KL

Age differentiated sessions (BST)

4 till 4.30pm ages 5 to 10
4.30 till 5pm ages 11 to 16

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