The True Secrets of Ramadan... are you ready?

This is a special Radiant Hearts live session suitable for parents and teens. We will explore the inner dimensions of fasting in practical way with reference to the Al Ghazali Book of Fasting.

Special Guest : Sister Aisha Gray Henry, Director of the Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Project

Ustadah Anika Arshad: Radiant Hearts Parent Tutor and scholar of Ghazali Sciences.

Please sign up below for the zoom link to participate in this session. It will also be live streamed on the Radiant Hearts YouTube Channel

Join us online Live on Saturday 26th March 2022 at  3pm (London, GMT) : 11AM New York : 7PM Dubai : 11PM KL

This session is targeted towards youth and adults.

This live session has now passed.  The live recording is available to view below: